Distinct voice actor voices

As I watch anime after anime, I can’t help but notice characters with voices from another anime. It’s just like the voice makes the character meld with the other character’s (or perhaps the voice actor’s? (!)) personality. And it’s more so if the characters personalities do have something in common, sans the voice. Man!

I haven’t included some better known voice actors such as Hirano and Kugimiya; I’ve only included those that got into my head and I can’t get out.

Here’s the list.

Kakihara Tetsuya

After watching hundreds of Fairy Tail episodes, you won’t be able to remove Natsu’s voice from your head. Ever. It makes me want to think Toudou would hurl a Fire Dragon Breath at Makishima at any time.

Nakata Jouji

Oh, that old, archaic antagonizing voice. I can’t forget his menacing lines over on the Fate series. I recognized his voice immediately over at Akame ga Kill. Though I didn’t actually expect this voice to be Nakata, I mean I already know him from Keroro (he’s Giroro). His voice might be more diverse than I expected.

Yonaga Tsubasa

Ah, the gay voice actor. I mean, the almost and/or literally gay characters he voices. He voiced Nagisa and I immediately recognized him over at Love Stage, along with Rei’s voice (y’know, both the Rei in Free and Love Stage, that’s an enormous coincidence, right). So I guess that actually adds Hirakawa Daisuke to the list although I’ve never heard of him in other anime (mostly because I haven’t watched them).

I didn’t notice him though over at Yowamushi Pedal voice Manami, though I think I’d have a chance now in its second season.


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