October 21, 2014

This slow internet is really growing on me.

I played AC2 and some other offline games. I think it would be extremely uninteresting to try to collect all of the feathers in this game. If only there was a feather map like in Brotherhood, but no. Even if I consult a guide, if I miss one, I’ll have to go all over them again. It’s just like the jewels quest thing in Skyrim.

I also worked on my first hobby project. And the cause of my element offset-computing function not working properly is because I have to iterate on offsetParent instead of parentNode. I also ended up debugging with canvases when doing it with divs was completely fine. At least I’ll add that to my repertoire.

I know some of these problems can be solved easily if I just used jQuery, but being able to write native Javascript code makes me really happy.

I also translated a song today. I hope Heroku’s still not mad at me, I’m still far from converting all of that code.


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