October 27, 2014

Four more days and then hopefully this shitty internet will speed up.

I worked mostly on my first hobby project.

With pure dedication.

I mean, I finished porting all the Typescript code to Traceur in one day. Well, I guess Typescript is not really that far from Traceur. I also managed to put tests in my code and make at least the Game constructor work. I’m in the main shit now. I’m so happy.

I encountered a RangeError (stack overflow) with my Traceur-based code and node.js basically doesn’t have the means to handle it. The debugged process just crashes altogether after displaying the error message. Thankfully I correctly identified where the error was coming from, though I didn’t really understand why it was resulting in a RangeError. If this was another project, I wouldn’t know where to look.

Also watched some TV series here and there.


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