Kiro’s Lyrics (Heroku) update

So I’ll pretend to be a freak dev and post an announcement.

So I’ve rolled back the Lyrics to an earlier working state. It should show I’m Ready as the latest song. Meanwhile, I’m pushing the latest version to It has the latest update which is the addition of Guren. (It’s my first time doing so though. Yeah, I’m a bad dev. NB: If you’re a potential employer looking at this post, don’t worry, I won’t ever do this on your website.)

So some programming stuff before I go.

I’ve actually read about npm the registry’s Registry 2 yesterday. I think I’ll use that to deploy my first hobby project. If it releases when I’m done. If not, I can just publish to npm. It’s not as if I’m hiding anything anyway. I just slightly don’t want my potential modules to appear on a public list.

Internet is back! Yay!


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