November 30–December 7, 2014


Hey, it’s me, blogging on Sublime Text. (I actually switched from Notepad… I don’t want to encounter some Notepad bugs.)

My mother’s mother died at the middle of the afternoon yesterday. We got the news before we actually headed out to go to her side in the first place. So, yeah.

I don’t have any grandparents anymore. Yes, I was born too late into this world. But, hey, I don’t regret that. Or I shouldn’t. Whatever.

The trip with my father and sibling was so long. We passed through the densest avenue in this shithole we call a country, on a weekend. Our butts hurt. And our father gave us both extreme headaches.

I think I’m gonna stay here for a while in the matriarchal home.

I’ve also decided not to post about it on Facebook. Let the right people know what they have to know. It’s not a popularity contest.

I started playing Battlefield 4. I had to switch my computer’s locale to en-US to play it though. Why the hurdle, EA? Also, I don’t see why so many people are so hyped about this game. It’s just pointless shooting. Nothing rewarding. (Though I did get some pretty good headshots at the beginning of the game.)

I also played some Plants vs. Zombies 2, trying to conserve some power.


I just got my right top wisdom tooth taken out. It’s a relief but I feel very weak.

Last night I just played some Plants vs. Zombies 2. I read an e-book and worked on my first hobby project. I tried to play LoL but it was very laggy.


I’m here at my grandmother’s funeral home.

I woke up diurnally and fetched our aunts at the airport(s).

I haven’t had internet for two days! Ughhhh.


Days have been a routine here and I am partially diurnal now. At last, I got a chance to access the internet and play LoL after three days. I read an e-book yesterday night and fell really sleepy. I think I should do it now too.

December 7

Oh. Hey. It’s me. This should be the longest period of time I haven’t blogged, huh.

I have been able to take a peek at the internet and play LoL for the last three days I’m gone. The reason I’ve not posted this is personal. I mean, private. Like, yeah, I don’t want anyone peeking on my back when I blog.

I was able to finish playing Battlefield 4, with a little help from my cousin. And as with the previous installment, it was extremely boring. I don’t know how people dig into this. I mean, soldiers, maybe, but civilians?

I got rid of it before we got home.

And yes, I worked on my first hobby project there, but stopped on the final days where I had diurnal compulsions and migraine episodes.

The burial was held yesterday Saturday.

Finally, we had the trip back home earlier this day.

We arrived and I’m still trying to convert my old hard disk drive to ReFS. I also have to keep up with shows here and there.


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