WaniKani and Japanese: 「予め」

Since I’ve started using WaniKani last April there has been subtle but drastic changes in how I see Japanese text. I’ve come to realize that using WaniKani has been a very valuable change in my Japanese learning.

I’ve watched a video of Tofugu (again) on how important it is to tackle on your weaknesses. So far I’ve identified the following:

  • Writing. Writing isn’t really a specific problem that can be easily addressed by WaniKani or anything via our computers, smartphones and stuff, our current technology. But then again, that’s somewhat whetted down by the same current technology. I mean, type something on your IME and it will suggest what you meant by that. And I could just use my reading skill to choose what I meant by that. But the problem still exists and eventually I’d want to address that.
  • Reading material? I constantly watch a lot of anime, so I have a lot of reading practice. But then again.

The “drastic” part of the change occurred to me when I first encountered the vocab 「予め(あらかじめ)」. It’s an adverb that means “beforehand”. When I first encountered it in WaniKani I felt intimidated by its sheer length. I mean, four kana in a kanji, seriously? But then it occurred to me: I have encountered at least two instances in anime where they say this word like it’s nothing. I am recognizing vocabulary that I haven’t been able to recognize before.

It’s really cool. I’m beginning to grasp mastery of this language. And I will.

PS: By the way, I’m jobless now (as of writing, of course), if anyone’s hiring.
PPS: Also, I’m sorry about that comment I haven’t approved for six months. Basically I haven’t visited my blog for that long.


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