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The cast of Corpse Party

I’m really, really baffled and awed at the same time by the star-studded casting of Corpse Party.

Corpse Party cast


Distinct voice actor voices

As I watch anime after anime, I can’t help but notice characters with voices from another anime. It’s just like the voice makes the character meld with the other character’s (or perhaps the voice actor’s? (!)) personality. And it’s more so if the characters personalities do have something in common, sans the voice. Man!

I haven’t included some better known voice actors such as Hirano and Kugimiya; I’ve only included those that got into my head and I can’t get out.

Here’s the list.

Kakihara Tetsuya

After watching hundreds of Fairy Tail episodes, you won’t be able to remove Natsu’s voice from your head. Ever. It makes me want to think Toudou would hurl a Fire Dragon Breath at Makishima at any time.

Nakata Jouji

Oh, that old, archaic antagonizing voice. I can’t forget his menacing lines over on the Fate series. I recognized his voice immediately over at Akame ga Kill. Though I didn’t actually expect this voice to be Nakata, I mean I already know him from Keroro (he’s Giroro). His voice might be more diverse than I expected.

Yonaga Tsubasa

Ah, the gay voice actor. I mean, the almost and/or literally gay characters he voices. He voiced Nagisa and I immediately recognized him over at Love Stage, along with Rei’s voice (y’know, both the Rei in Free and Love Stage, that’s an enormous coincidence, right). So I guess that actually adds Hirakawa Daisuke to the list although I’ve never heard of him in other anime (mostly because I haven’t watched them).

I didn’t notice him though over at Yowamushi Pedal voice Manami, though I think I’d have a chance now in its second season.

Express review: DRAMAtical Murder (anime)

Okay, I just watched the first episode of the DRAMAtical Murder anime. So here’s a quick review. Note that this is coming from someone who has cleared the visual novel.

Maybe I was expecting too much. It’s nice to see their mouths moving and all, but I still think there are still too much static images.

Their Rhyme effects are not half-assed though, although it’s nothing big and showy.

I didn’t like the theme songs. (But I’ll still probably listen to them anyway.)

Some decision points are cut, such as the choice in the true route in the surprise Rhyme battlefield and Koujaku’s chicks touching Aoba’s hair. Now I don’t know what to expect! Which is a good thing.

The character introductions seem forced though. Aoba bumped into Mink while exiting the Rhyme scene. And then random Clear. But I also like how Sei’s silhouette is shown in the opening sequence, I think that kinda establishes every important character and viewers should expect no one more.

Overall it’s good, 8 or 9/10 maybe. Having an anime adaptation is all we can ask for really, it’s already a good thing in itself, even if the animation team is somewhat… lacking.


Endorsement! Endorsement! I translated CLICK by ClariS!

It’s awesome! I did many revisions, carefully following the intricacies of the grammar (especially in the last stanza, which is the chorus but with changed and swapped out lyrics) while adding flow to make it more English*.

When I finished translating the lyrics, the first thing that came to my mind was, hey wait, where’s the “click” word? I thought I just had to put it in there, for more awesome. That’s when it hit me, and others would relate to me as well… remember the opening sequence in Nisekoi? The puzzle in the chorus might be the key and lock pair there, and when you insert a key to a lock to open it, click, there’s the sound. Probably. We’ll never know, it can be anything. It might be a song for an online dating site, it’s that vague.

I also added some CSS letter spacing like in the lyrics book. I tried to add white-space: pre to solve my romaji problems but that didn’t end well.

*I did leave out the flow here: 「深く深く眠る/声をすくいあげよう」—I don’t know who the heck’s sleeping, the first person or the second person, so I just left it out. I actually like when they do that though, it’s like an eternal mystery thing, without compromising the language. It’s like reading some Old English text or something.

Rai-Net Access Battlers user manual transcription and translation

So some backstory first, I received the game and read the instructions from the Steins;Gate wiki but I felt that there’s something missing. Especially when I read the manual (and not until these last few days that I confirmed it’s the latest version) and found out we were doing some things wrong.

And now here are the user manual transcription (which I just copied from the PDF using IME Pad’s character recognition, since I can’t yet read most of the kanji here) and the user manual English translation that I made. Don’t worry, I already corrected all kanji in the transcription in the translation process.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

I recently picked up this anime series. The series is about the Demon Lord having to retaliate to the human world and somehow ends up having a part-time job.

Okay, as a Catholic, one might argue that having a protagonist named “Satan” is somewhat heretic, but hey, it’s fictional, so why not?

When both hands of the clock strike eight

In Hayate no Gotoku: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, which just ended by the way, the black camellia is a magical item that brings misfortune, but, when both of the hands strike eight, brings a ton of fortune.

But how many times does the hands of a clock point to the same direction?

I actually have already pondered on this idea; and you can actually count the number of times the hands do this: it’s eleven: one for each hour, except eleven where the arc swept by the minute hand coalesce into a full hour, yielding 0:00 – or 12:00.

But what are these precise times?

Suppose we would consider the one just after 1:00. With the minute hand on the 0th degree (at 12) it must catch up to the hour hand which is pointing at 1. But, by the time the minute hand catches up and points to 1, the hour hand must have moved a little, so the minute hand must catch up again. And so on. But, let’s be educated guys here; we’ll not actually go into this paradox, we’ll solve this using good old mathematics.

Let’s actually use degrees here for measurement as 12 (number of hours) and 60 (number of minutes) are both dividends of 360. First off, the number of degrees swiped by the hour hand per hour should be: 360 / 12 = 30. Next, the number of degrees swiped by the minute hand per minute should be: 360 / 60 = 6.

Now, we can represent what we are looking for as:

z = (x + y / 60) / 30
z = y / 6, where z = degrees swiped, x = hour component, y = minute component

But wait! We don’t solve these two equations, as we would end up with just x and y, when we are actually solving for z! The solution would be to use a single variable to represent the exact time itself. There are 12 * 60, or 720 minutes in a 12-hour period. 0 will stand for the first minute, at 12:00. 60 will stand for the sixtieth minute, at 1:00, and so on. 720 is not actually included, as we are only concerned for all times greater than or equal to 0 and less than 720.

Now, we can represent what we are looking for as:

For the hour hand:
z [degrees] = 30 [degrees per hour] ( t [total minutes] / 60 [minutes per hour] )

For the minute hand:

z [degrees] = 6 [degrees per minute] (t [total minutes] mod 60) [minutes component]

Or simply:

z = ½t
z = 6(t mod 60)

Plugging these equations into Wolfram|Alpha gives me nice solutions – and they are the answers, they are of the form:

{t | t = 720k/11 and k is a whole number}

The 720 and 11 there makes sense, right? But let’s take a look at what happened here:

z = ½t simply represents the relationship of the current time to the number of degrees. Let’s take a closer look:

0 degrees t = 0 12:00, pretty straightforward.
15 degrees t = 30 12:30
30 degrees t = 60 1:00

So the half direct (linear) relationship makes sense. But what about the other one?

As we try to visualize this, I can tell you it’s also a linear relationship, although a weird one: it “falls” off at 360, with z constrained to [0, 360). This all actually makes sense if you take apart your clock, breaking it at just before 12:00 and flattening it. Here’s a graph containing all of the 11 solutions (I swapped z for y and t for x). Note that if you’ll check another range there are only exactly 11 solutions for this system of equations. This is because when x = 0, the point of the first equation does reach y = 360, but at that point the second equation “falls” down to y = 0, thus a point satisfying both equations does not exist there. And y being constrained to [0, 360) actually makes sense because we only have 360 degrees.

The full set of equations defining our solution set should now be:

z = ½t
z = 6(t mod 60)
y ≥ 0
y < 360
x ≥ 0
x < 720

Now, let’s take a look at the solutions:

t = 720(0) / 11 = 0 0:00
t = 720(1) / 11 = 65 + 5/11 1:05:27.2727…
t = 720(2) / 11 = 130 + 10/11 2:10:54.5454…
t = 720(3) / 11 = 196 + 4/11 3:16:21.8181…
t = 720(4) / 11 = 261 + 9/11 4:21:49.0909…
t = 720(5) / 11 = 327 + 3/11 5:27:16.3636…
t = 720(6) / 11 = 392 + 8/11 6:32:43.6363…
t = 720(7) / 11 = 458 + 2/11 7:38:10.9090…
t = 720(8) / 11 = 523 + 7/11 8:43:38.1818…
t = 720(9) / 11 = 589 + 1/11 9:49:05.4545…
t = 720(10) / 11 = 654 + 6/11 10:54:32.7272…

New favorite song

So yeah, I have a new favorite song. It’s the new opening theme of Fairy Tail, Evidence by DaisyxDaisy. It may not sound appealing at first, until I realized the instrumentals at the start were good. I guess 40mP is that good. The thing’s I fell for it when I was trying to translate it. At the end of the chorus it says “boku ha shinjitekita subete ga uso datta toshite mo kamawanai kara” which means that the person doesn’t care anymore even if everything he/she believed in were false.

Well, I guess it’d just be my second favorite for now, as ranking first in my favorites would be Eternal Fellows.

Anime review: Fractale

I never expected a concept such as Fractale’s, wherein a system is able to neutralize people’s needs and wealth, in order to prosper. Yes, it has a positive side to it, but this made people overly dependent on the Fractale system.

Yes, this concept is a possibility, but this anime shows how to disprove this concept. On the other side, the anime also focused on the romance side, aside from the obvious science fiction. Although, this anime somewhat felt like I was watching an old English-based anime, having a blondie as a protagonist, and I was right: the anime is based on Ireland.

I didn’t like the opening and ending themes, though.