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I’m so done with EASEUS Partition Manager.

Aside from changing Windows graphics settings (it turns off display of window contents whenever you run it), it also corrupts the partition it operated on, making it impossible to do something with it again without a chkdsk.

I’m so done with EASEUS software. They should shove this shit up their asses. Thank you.


Notes: Creating a new Windows virtual machine

Here are just some notes/hurdles on creating a Windows VM for development. (If you’re not using it for development, you can simply ignore those items.)

  • (VirtualBox) Apparently 3D acceleration does not work well with seamless mode. If you’re gonna use one, you should not use the other. Please do tell me if this is fixed or I did something wrong so I can update this entry.
  • (Dev) When creating a user account, choose to create a local account instead of logging in immediately to your Microsoft account, if you plan to do so. If you’re a dev, this will ensure your user profile directory will just as you expect it to be. Failing this step, this article will help.
  • (VirtualBox) Install VirtualBox guest additions. Obviously.
  • (Chrome, Dev) If you install Chrome and you want to sync your Google Account and at the same time use Chrome for development, you’ll want to disable syncing extensions. Chances are some extensions will interrupt your development.
  • Disable OneDrive if it’s not relevant.
  • Disable some services that won’t be relevant to you, such as Print Spooler and Windows Media Network Sharing. (Run services.msc)
  • If desired, lower your guest VM’s visual effects (System Properties, Performance), to improve performance.
  • You might want to automatically log in your user account. (VirtualBox) This would be useful if you’re using seamless mode.
  • (Any OS) Set the volume to 100% and hide the icon.
  • (Any OS) Hide the power/battery icon.
  • (Any OS) You may want to hide the network status icon after verifying your network connectivity stuff.
  • (VirtualBox) Turn off UAC dimming. Useful for seamless mode.
  • You may want to turn off disk defragmentation. Fragmentation is not too relevant in a virtual machine context. Only turn on defragmentation if you are sure what you are doing; e.g. hosting a webserver, having the VM on continuously, and stuff.
  • Set your power plan to High Performance and set Turn off monitor after “never” (type 0).
  • Turn off your screensaver.
  • Disable internet time synchronization. Your virtual machine clock depends on your host’s clock so there’s no need to synchronize frequently (or, at all).

Dealing with malware

At the back of my mind I thought the malware came with the Compaq service unit I was using.

Early this morning, I was programming with the prototype for my lyrics website using DocPad. Of course I was working with some HTML files, and for a few times the files that ended with .html had a script tag with VBScript code attached to it. Of course I thought it’s a virus, and went off searching for malicious processes and killing them as a precaution, because this laptop had no antivirus software.

This night it hit me… it came from the internet cafe I visited yesterday, and hid itself many times in my beloved hard disk drive Rektor. An error showed up yesterday about a delayed write operation from some file in my hard drive I haven’t opened there, a part of the Android SDK.

It may very well be two viruses, as I’m reading the test results of scanning with an old version of Avast here. One called Win32:RmnDrp dug itself up in libraries (.dll). Another, which what might have bugged me earlier is called VBS:Agent-KZ [Trj], a trojan that digs itself up in HTML files. Well, who knows VBScript, anyway? IE? Microsoft should sandbox HTML files from accessing anything outside the browser.

And this day isn’t over yet

We went to the store where we bought this laptop and they suggested to do a complete restore. And I really haven’t gotten to do it. So I decided to do it… now.

Fast forward to now, I’ve decided to use EaseUS Todo Backup to back up everything. Ugh… Web installers, why does it have to be web installers.

Regex to eliminate double newlines

The regex is: (\s*\n)+.
The replacement is: \n.

I’m just posting this for my own reference, but why the post? Here’s the backstory: In my work I frequently encounter files supposedly uploaded by my workmates that contain redundant / double newlines. And it obviously hurts my eyes. Just my hunch, but it seems NppFtp (a Notepad++ built-in plugin) likes to connect to servers with ASCII mode and convert Windows newlines (\r\n) to nix newlines – but in this manner: \r -> \n. And this results to redundant nix newlines: \n\n.

And it’s frustrating.

This regex doesn’t just convert double newlines into a single newline, but multiple newlines. Maybe if you use something like (\s*\n){2} (this is specifically for double newlines) you can control how many multiples of newlines to convert into a single newline.

August 15, 2013 update: It turns out this is not perfect regex syntax. The right way to get rid of double newlines is (\n{2}).

My Teemo CDR/AP build

I will be posting the build I always use for Teemo. Please note that I am not an expert, I’m just posting what I think is effective for me when playing this hero.

I am the kind of player that doesn’t care about much in team fights, or ganking enemies by myself. And that’s why this build works. First and foremost, Teemo is a scout, not an attacker, at best his presence should be felt everywhere in the game—enemies should feel like they are always being watched, and that is the essence of Teemo play.

First, let me describe his skills. Camouflage, Teemo’s passive, is your basic scouting, lane safety and surprise skill. Stay still for a few seconds and you’re invisible. You could probably imagine how to use this for surprising or scouting, but what about lane safety? Camouflage, along with your ultimate, Noxious Trap, and Sprint, will let you lane “riskily” without any risks at all. You could probably imagine that Trap will let you see incoming heroes, but what’s with Sprint? Sprint lets you cover a bit more distance to set up your Camouflage, and the ganker wouldn’t be able to know where you went. Of course, Vision Wards and Oracle’s Elixirs will blow your cover. Taunting heroes such as Shen, Ahri and Rammus are your rivals here.

Your first skill is Blinding Dart, your basic attack-me-all-you-want-I’m-just-gonna-ignore-you skill. Its effect, blind, is one, if not the only, of the few in the game, and your allies will be going to depend on it. Unfriendly against the high damage heroes.

Sprint is your early boots. It’s basically a toned down version of Yi’s ultimate. Your basic escape and chase. Goes well with Phage.

Next up is the poison thing. The poison thing damages a hero in time, or what is usually called “DPS”. DPS can hurt real bad and can suck up the health of a hero even if he manages to escape. Teemo’s DPS scales with AP, so if you have high AP, your enemies won’t actually notice the actual damage you have been causing to them, the first time you hit them. It doesn’t stack though.

Finally, Teemo’s ultimate. What makes Teemo Teemo. It’s the sh*t the enemies will always step into. It sucks up 400 gold in your enemies’ pockets. It gives away their position. Teemo is like the Lanaya or Techies of LoL. And it scales with AP too, so if you got high AP, your enemies will have second thoughts on stepping into bushes. You can also use Trap on the offensive; it can clear out creep waves quickly, and you can lure chasing enemies onto stepping into a Trap for an easy anti-chase and maybe a kill.

Wait, first let’s talk about places where you should place trap. Like a pro. If you know how to ward, the places are the same, but I’ll tell you some more places to place Trap.

A famous choice for placing Trap is in bushes, but there are other places you can place them too, for instance in choke points. But if you are warding in a bush, take note that you have to place it on the edge of bush, where enemies would most likely enter it. This is in preparation for those who suddenly decide to buy an Elixir and destroy all your Traps. It also makes for a good surprise.

Top priority is Baron, although you’ll want to place one only in late game, or if you happen to pass by and have an extra. Second priority is Dragon, although this is only for middle game, or if you happen to pass by and have an extra.

Very early game, you’ll want to ward in two places first: in the bush in the entrance to the river, and the bushes in the lane nearest to you. You’ll want to plant one or two in either edge of your lane bushes if your enemies like to hide there; once they step on them, they won’t anymore.

One of the second priority places on very early game is the immediate vicinity of the river, it’s the spot where you can place a Trap as a ward to see if there are more incoming enemies from either the river or their area. It’s up to you if you want to place it in such a way that they won’t step on it, or just put it right in the middle. The other second priority early game place is the bush in the jungle entrance, the second nearest bush to the center. Plant on the one near your lane. It’s also a good idea to place one in the opposite side about middle game. These spots are second priority to the Baron and Dragon wards so replenish these if your enemies step or destroy them.

Third priority would be the golem/lizard areas.

Some more good places to put your Traps include: bush for rear gank near first tower, jungle entrances, choke points about the jungle, gank points, enemy escape points near your base. And basically each and every bush.

Very low priority places include: the in-lane bushes near your second towers. Many enemies like to hide there to recall to safety, so it’s a good idea to put one there if you have an extra Trap, and you may just get an extra kill.

A very important tip to take note when using Trap: don’t put too many Traps in one place. A hero with an Oracle’s Elixir will bust them in seconds. Two is enough for either edge of a long bush. Scatter them all over the map. Make your enemies feel your presence. Make them hesitate to gank, kill Dragon or kill Baron. It’s your ultimate, after all. Make good use of it.

Okay, now with the build. Doran’s Blade is our starter item. But why is it so important? Because it’s our only lifesteal item. Lifesteal is survivability, and Teemo is not very good at that. That’s why you have to purchase this item. You’ll only want to ditch this item in very late game and when you have a high health item such as Giant’s Belt, preferably built into something else. And if your other five slots are filled with final, late game items.

The next items in this build are Boots and Nashor’s Tooth. Now, everyone would know that Nashor’s Tooth is the item with the highest cooldown reduction in the game, right? Right? Build nicely into Nashor’s Tooth, but don’t forget nice movement speed with basic boots.

The next items in this build are Phage, upgrading into Frozen Heart, and CDR boots. Now why CDR boots? Now, it may sound a little over-the-top, but Nashor’s Tooth + CDR boots fills up the 40% cooldown reduction cap easily, actually with excesses. (If you know any other combination that fills this, please let me know. Note that I do have 6% cooldown reduction coming from runes.) Frozen Heart goes well with your Sprint, and your enemies won’t be getting too far before dying into a poison bath.

Okay, now that we have, 1, 2, 3, 4 items in, what’s the fifth? I did mention that this is also an AP build, so the fifth item is, well, Deathcap. No other item comes close when it comes to AP. And no, I’m not a fan of Mejai’s.

The sixth item is purely situational. Up to you. Don’t know what to build? Aren’t you a pro? Why are you even reading this? Bah, okay, here are some suggestions. If you’re dying too much easily because your enemy team has too many overpowered attackers, a Guardian Angel would have to save your team. It’ll grant your team extra blinds. If the enemy team has an overpowered tank, don’t hesitate to go on the Razors route. If the enemy team has an overpowered mage, Hexdrinker, Sash or that magic resist wand should be able to shield your a**. You may ditch your Blade to invest in two of these in very late game. No, don’t take Infinity Edge. That item’s not for Teemo.

For masteries, I currently have 23+-0-something for Teemo. Take note of the cooldown reduction, attack speed, life steal, and AP increasing masteries in offense. For utility, I don’t know if the ward masteries have any effect on Teemo, but, I do take them.

For summoner spells, I always take Ignite and… the one that raises your attack speed (which stacks well with Phage). There might be better combinations, but here are some redundancies. Ghost: You already have your second skill, why would you need this? Flash: Okay, but maybe too OP for Teemo. I think good Camouflaging skills are enough for escaping ganks. A good summoner spell I use with Teemo before is Teleport. If you have many Traps on the floor, you’re basically Furion here. You can use this and push while everyone else is busy clashing. Or chase unsuspecting escaping enemies.

Runes. I don’t really have specialized runes for Teemo right now. That may be the reason why I’m having a bad time. But I’ll eventually get into it.

So yeah, that’s basically my Teemo build. Let me know in the comments if it sucks or anything.

Edit: So I was bored and you were probably pondering on the nonsense of this post. Which is why I conjured up this map thingy that shows my favorite places to hide traps.

Edit: Okay so I realized that what I have mentioned here is for Teemo sid lanes and not mid. Teemo actually sucks mid-lane if he’s against a large range hero, since Teemo is just middle range. But if you happen to play Teemo mid, the first traps you would have to place would be the near jungle entry bushes on both directions. Next would be either the river entrances or, defensively, exits on both sides just past the third tower. Be sure the enemy doesn’t see you plant these, for surprise. You have you make a turn and enter from the river, for example, if you are planting a trap at the river entrance.

Plants vs. Zombies – How to get the Shooting Star achievement

Complete Seeing Stars before the first flag zombie appears.

So, I cleared this achievement a week or two ago, and I thought I’d share. For this achievement, I really don’t have any methodologies to share this with. Why? Because admittedly, this achievement is really, really hard! Instead, I’ll provide you with some tips on how to achieve it.

The sunflower, starfruit and imitater problem

First off, I’m gonna say this achievement is almost impossible without the Imitater. If you haven’t, buy it before even trying to do this achievement.

Why? Because this level needs an awful lot of sunflowers and starfruit. Now, the problem becomes what plant should we imitate-the sunflower or the starfruit? For this question I can give a definite answer-or rather, I can give the answer which got me the achievement-which is starfruit.

Throughout your play, just put sunflowers everywhere they can be placed. Of course plant them in the back first to avoid the zombies eating them right off the bat. So that’s another general tip: distance is a weapon: the longer the zombies have to walk to get to your plants, the more fire they will take from your plants.

The third row

You should be able to protect your third row really well, because most of it (6) are slots for the starfruit. Prioritize placing a blocker in front of this lane, as when a zombie penetrates this lane without you planting many starfruit yet, you may be in big trouble. Early in the game, reserve a slot at the back of the starfruit slots in it, and fill it in only if you’re confident the zombies will not get through it anymore.

The explosives

In the matter of trying to get this achievement in a small window, it is crucial to bring with you explosives for one-time use that will be sufficient enough for the pre-first wave zombies. The rationale for this is because basically, you’ll want to maximize the number of your sunflowers and starfruit. Basic principle for this achievement. Recommended plants are the potato bomb and the squash. The other, more expensive explosives are not recommended, as they will just eat off your sun instead of your would-be next starfruit.

In addition, make sure to get a shovel. ‘Nuff said.


As stated, you have to maximize the field for your sunflowers and starfruit. Counter-intuitively (or not?), a recommended plant for the blocker role would be the pumpkin – as it blocks the zombies while not taking up additional space. Get an extra blocker-say wallnut-wait, there is no other suitable blocker-if you’re in doubt. The reason I said that is because, as already explained earlier, the others will just eat off your precious sun. Reminder: prioritize putting a blocker on your third row.

The right balance

Okay, this is the hardest part. You plant sunflowers, starfruit, sunflowers, starfruit, but when do you plant them? Do you plant more sunflowers first before planting starfruit? Or do you want to plant more starfruit first? You have to find the right balance for planting sunflowers and starfruit in order to complete this achievement.

And that’s just all the tips I can give. Good luck!

Updated DirectVobSub

As I searched the web hoping to find a solution to laggy ASS animation, I came across a blog post (I won’t tell where exactly! :P) where links to updated versions of DirectVobSub (also called VSFilter – the one that adds subtitles to videos) – I don’t know if they were official builds or custom builds, but man, it was amazing! ASS animations were not laggy anymore, and except for some occasional flickers – I don’t know, maybe they were just my eyes – I can play subtitled videos with minimal lag! Thanks, people over at (insert blog here)!

Here’s a link to the custom builds: vsfilter. Available in x86 and x64 flavors. If the link is broken, just go to the root of the site and browse to mpc-hc/mpc-hc_apps/vsfilter/.