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Bioshock: Infinite ending

Whoa, man. Bioshock: Infinite’s ending is nuts. But hey, I know how it works and their theory is pretty much consistent.

I just observed a plot hole: Apparently, they made it so that whether Rosalind or Robert would be born would be caused by what Booker comes to be. Isn’t that a bit… impossible?


AC3 and innards

I started playing AC3.

I also played Bioshock: Infinite. Yes, I’ve already patched it. I have restarted from the beginning though, but it’s okay. I just dashed through all the enemies and kinetoscopes anyway.

Man, I miss blogging everyday. I’m sure no one else does, but anyway. But I do have mixed feelings for it, I mean, now the responsibility of having to blog everyday is now off and I can go to sleep without that.

So here’s a little extra.

My right foot hurts bad. Also, I have a pimple or inflammation of some sort in my tongue. It stings so much.

Watch Dogs: How to escape (Guide)

So. Another game guide, huh? But escaping in Watch Dogs is surprisingly easy.

After taking out that gang boss or anything, before anything else, get in a car. You’re less conspicuous riding a car than a bike. (In-game tip!) From there, distance yourself away from your pursuers. Then, you can try one of these methods to get away:

Hide in your car and wait for your pursuers to give you up. Generally, you won’t want to just hide your car in the road or in some open space. You’ll want to hide your car in a parking lot or something. But if your pursuers start to take the route down your parking space, don’t hesitate to move. Also, it’s a lot harder to escape from the police with this method. I know it’s possible, but it is harder. Especially if they have air support. But it is possible to get out of the helicopter’s line of sight, even in the road. If you use this method, make sure to get under a building or tunnel’s cover if you’re being pursued with air support. Basement parking lots might* work really fine with this, just close the parking door behind after you go in.

Jumping over road walls such as those leading to a bridge, and getting to cover, might be a hilariously easy way to shake them off your tail, but it works!

Simply getting into another elevation such as a rooftop or a train platform will get you off their line of sight. But they will try to climb to you if they see you get there. But this doesn’t happen often. Which brings me to the next method…

Ride the train. Getting the train hacking skill can help with this. You can escape most fixers using this method. It’s slightly hard to shake off the police using this method though, especially if they have air support. You’d want to go to a direction which won’t have a stop for a while.

Jump into the water. All people of Chicago don’t know how to swim. If jumping from a bridge, make sure there won’t be any rocks that will be waiting for you instead. You’re less likely to survive though if you’re being pursued by a helicopter with a sniper. Which brings me to the next method…

Ride a motorboat. This will let you get away quickly in the water. Obviously. It’s hard to shake off helicopters though, but it is possible. Don’t take the taxi! Taxis are slow.

Hide in a basement parking lot.*

* I haven’t tried this.

League of Legends: Statistic counters

(pre-3.14 patch)

  • Physical damage/critical strike damage: health (Giant’s Belt), health regeneration (Spirit Visage), armor (Thornmail)
  • Attack speed: attack speed reduction (Warden’s Mail, Frozen Heart, Randuin’s Omen)
  • Critical strike chance: attack speed reduction
  • Movement speed: movement speed reduction (Randuin’s Omen, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Frozen Mallet), movement speed (Zeal, Phage, boots and boot upgrades)
  • Magic damage: magic resistance (Locket of the Iron Solari, Spirit Visage, Orb of Winter, etc.)
  • Armor penetration: armor (Thornmail), health (Giant’s Belt), health regeneration
  • Life steal: life steal (Blade of the Ruined King, Sanguine Blade), Thornmail
  • Armor: armor penetration (Brutalizer), Last Whisper, attack damage and critical strike chance (Infinity Edge), your mage
  • Health: health percentage reduction (Blade of the Ruined King)
  • Health regeneration: attack damage and critical strike chance (Infinity Edge), armor penetration, magic penetration
  • Magic resistance: magic penetration (Haunting Guise), Void Staff, ability power, magic resistance reduction (Abyssal Scepter), your physical damage carry
  • Ability power: magic resistance
  • Magic penetration: magic resistance, health, health regeneration

I know some are obvious, I put them anyway. I didn’t put statistics that don’t have obvious counters.

Rai-Net Access Battlers user manual transcription and translation

So some backstory first, I received the game and read the instructions from the Steins;Gate wiki but I felt that there’s something missing. Especially when I read the manual (and not until these last few days that I confirmed it’s the latest version) and found out we were doing some things wrong.

And now here are the user manual transcription (which I just copied from the PDF using IME Pad’s character recognition, since I can’t yet read most of the kanji here) and the user manual English translation that I made. Don’t worry, I already corrected all kanji in the transcription in the translation process.

Teemo hybrid damage build

With the recent updates with items for League of Legends, I have come up with a new build for Teemo. It’s a hybrid AD and AP damage build. In my country, most people build Teemo as a pure AP damage hero but/and leaves him very vulnerable to damage. This build aims to change that: a Teemo build people don’t expect—a heavy damage pusher/attacker build.

If you have read my blog, you’ll know that I have made a Teemo guide previously. I’ll only cover the item build here, so if you haven’t already, go check it out. And if you still want to pursue the CDR path, know that Nashor’s Tooth and Zeke’s Herald now both have 20% cooldown reduction, so you’ll be able to max your CDR by buying those two.

Okay, now on to the build. As a side laner, take Doran’s Blade as a starting item. We can’t take an Vampiric Scepter now that its price has increased. Next would be Vampiric Scepter and the boots of your choice, while slowly building Nashor’s Tooth. I personally prefer Boots of Swiftness for movement speed. For normal users, Berserker’s Greaves might be enough. For extreme enemy base jungling and ganking and supporting, Boots of Mobility. Remember that movement speed is survivability for Teemo, and it goes well with his W. From here, try building Blade of the Ruined King (for hybrid damage) or Statikk Shiv (for movement speed, crit, gold and pushing power). Once you get Blade, you can now focus on more attack speed items or situational items. Such as Runaan’s Hurricane. Well, there are rumors that Shiv is boosted by this item because attacks made by it are counted as stacks. Combine them with Blade… and you’ve got the “tons of damage”ing trio.

For boots upgrade, get Furor. Great for chasing and general getting away from fights.

Now for some situationals:

Liandry’s Torment
For when you have a legendary streak and you want to troll your enemies. Or if you have a very tanky enemy. Note: If you slow the enemy (e.g. with Blade) you’ll deal more damage with this item.
Zeke’s Herald
If you want to max out your CDR you can still do that with this item. Plus you get health and lifesteal, in other words, Teemo’s much needed survivability.
Spirit of the Ancient Golem
Health and Tenacity. Again, for Teemo’s survivability. Great for scouting the enemy camps, right?
Guardian Angel
Just to be sure, right? [Haven’t tried this yet?]
Elixir of Brilliance
This build is really cheap, right?
The Bloodthirster
If you’re more of the attack damage type.
Blackfire Torch
If you don’t like Zeke’s Herald.


Rabaddon’s Deathcap / Mejai’s Soulstealer
Really not required, you can get better off with Liandry and leaving these items to your AP teammates (you do have one, right?) [Haven’t tried these yet]
Rylai’s Crystal Scepter / Phage / Frozen Mallet
Really not required, you already have an active slow with Cutlass/Blade [Haven’t tried these yet-well for that reason. Although I’m a bad active item user.]
Runic Bulwark
Standard item for tankiness. Might be useful if you die too often.
For more attack speed. Plus Tenacity, cooldown reduction and, oh, movement speed.
Lich Bane
Again, movement speed. Plus crits?

In summary:
(Not necessarily in this order but you get the idea)
Doran’s Blade > Boots of Speed > Vampiric Scepter > Boots of Swiftness > Stinger > Nashor’s Tooth > Furor upgrade > Bilgewater Cutlass > Avarice Blade > Blade of the Ruined King > Statikk Shiv > Runaan’s Hurricane > Liandry’s Torment > Spirit of the Ancient Golem > Elixir of Brilliance > Elixir of Fortitude > Oracle’s Elixir

Ideas behind my Kennen runes

Here, I will detail the decisions I made behind choosing runes for my key hero, Kennen. Again, I think I am not an expert, but I do have a lot of experience with this hero (He’s one of my first). First off, here are the runes:

Attack speed marks
Health seals
Cooldown reduction glyphs
Spell vamp quintessences

Let’s start with… the CDR glyphs. Cooldown reduction glyphs are a staple among mage runes; I think I don’t need to explain this anymore. Typically with high damage mages, you don’t get to put in that extra cooldown reduction you need; this is where you can place them.

Next, spell vamp quintessences. Why? But before the fact, let me tell you that SV quints are one of the most expensive (if not the most) of the runes. Well, the tradeoff is good. In case you don’t you what spell vamp is, it’s the equivalent of lifesteal for magic damage. Basically, Kennen is one of the very few heroes who can deal damage on a crowd of enemies–this is where the spell vamp would kick in. This is also ideal for farming. Mages typically don’t get to build health regen items anymore, spell vamp would be the channel to regenerate their health with.

And it’s also why I chose flat health seals. Yeah, this is just a health buffer, but why? Why flat health? Why not health regen? Why not health per level? Let’s admit it, Kennen is a squishy hero, that’s why Zhonya’s Hourglass is part of his recommended build. That’s also the rationale behind the SV quints. Get it now? With some spell vamp, we can fill in this health buffer, and with additional heath we have more to fill in.

Last, attack speed marks. This wasn’t an original idea, but I’ve read somewhere that Kennen’s attack speed is one of the fastest in the game, and buffing it more will do us good. It also helps us to apply the Mark of the Storm more with Kennen’s second skill (It’s based on how many attacks you perform and not on time so it goes well with attack speed). Which in turn will deal magic damage and… guess what… synergizes with our SV and health runes.

Combine that with Kennen’s nature… doing combos… and you’ll realize that the runes synergize well with each other. Isn’t it great? 🙂

My Teemo CDR/AP build

I will be posting the build I always use for Teemo. Please note that I am not an expert, I’m just posting what I think is effective for me when playing this hero.

I am the kind of player that doesn’t care about much in team fights, or ganking enemies by myself. And that’s why this build works. First and foremost, Teemo is a scout, not an attacker, at best his presence should be felt everywhere in the game—enemies should feel like they are always being watched, and that is the essence of Teemo play.

First, let me describe his skills. Camouflage, Teemo’s passive, is your basic scouting, lane safety and surprise skill. Stay still for a few seconds and you’re invisible. You could probably imagine how to use this for surprising or scouting, but what about lane safety? Camouflage, along with your ultimate, Noxious Trap, and Sprint, will let you lane “riskily” without any risks at all. You could probably imagine that Trap will let you see incoming heroes, but what’s with Sprint? Sprint lets you cover a bit more distance to set up your Camouflage, and the ganker wouldn’t be able to know where you went. Of course, Vision Wards and Oracle’s Elixirs will blow your cover. Taunting heroes such as Shen, Ahri and Rammus are your rivals here.

Your first skill is Blinding Dart, your basic attack-me-all-you-want-I’m-just-gonna-ignore-you skill. Its effect, blind, is one, if not the only, of the few in the game, and your allies will be going to depend on it. Unfriendly against the high damage heroes.

Sprint is your early boots. It’s basically a toned down version of Yi’s ultimate. Your basic escape and chase. Goes well with Phage.

Next up is the poison thing. The poison thing damages a hero in time, or what is usually called “DPS”. DPS can hurt real bad and can suck up the health of a hero even if he manages to escape. Teemo’s DPS scales with AP, so if you have high AP, your enemies won’t actually notice the actual damage you have been causing to them, the first time you hit them. It doesn’t stack though.

Finally, Teemo’s ultimate. What makes Teemo Teemo. It’s the sh*t the enemies will always step into. It sucks up 400 gold in your enemies’ pockets. It gives away their position. Teemo is like the Lanaya or Techies of LoL. And it scales with AP too, so if you got high AP, your enemies will have second thoughts on stepping into bushes. You can also use Trap on the offensive; it can clear out creep waves quickly, and you can lure chasing enemies onto stepping into a Trap for an easy anti-chase and maybe a kill.

Wait, first let’s talk about places where you should place trap. Like a pro. If you know how to ward, the places are the same, but I’ll tell you some more places to place Trap.

A famous choice for placing Trap is in bushes, but there are other places you can place them too, for instance in choke points. But if you are warding in a bush, take note that you have to place it on the edge of bush, where enemies would most likely enter it. This is in preparation for those who suddenly decide to buy an Elixir and destroy all your Traps. It also makes for a good surprise.

Top priority is Baron, although you’ll want to place one only in late game, or if you happen to pass by and have an extra. Second priority is Dragon, although this is only for middle game, or if you happen to pass by and have an extra.

Very early game, you’ll want to ward in two places first: in the bush in the entrance to the river, and the bushes in the lane nearest to you. You’ll want to plant one or two in either edge of your lane bushes if your enemies like to hide there; once they step on them, they won’t anymore.

One of the second priority places on very early game is the immediate vicinity of the river, it’s the spot where you can place a Trap as a ward to see if there are more incoming enemies from either the river or their area. It’s up to you if you want to place it in such a way that they won’t step on it, or just put it right in the middle. The other second priority early game place is the bush in the jungle entrance, the second nearest bush to the center. Plant on the one near your lane. It’s also a good idea to place one in the opposite side about middle game. These spots are second priority to the Baron and Dragon wards so replenish these if your enemies step or destroy them.

Third priority would be the golem/lizard areas.

Some more good places to put your Traps include: bush for rear gank near first tower, jungle entrances, choke points about the jungle, gank points, enemy escape points near your base. And basically each and every bush.

Very low priority places include: the in-lane bushes near your second towers. Many enemies like to hide there to recall to safety, so it’s a good idea to put one there if you have an extra Trap, and you may just get an extra kill.

A very important tip to take note when using Trap: don’t put too many Traps in one place. A hero with an Oracle’s Elixir will bust them in seconds. Two is enough for either edge of a long bush. Scatter them all over the map. Make your enemies feel your presence. Make them hesitate to gank, kill Dragon or kill Baron. It’s your ultimate, after all. Make good use of it.

Okay, now with the build. Doran’s Blade is our starter item. But why is it so important? Because it’s our only lifesteal item. Lifesteal is survivability, and Teemo is not very good at that. That’s why you have to purchase this item. You’ll only want to ditch this item in very late game and when you have a high health item such as Giant’s Belt, preferably built into something else. And if your other five slots are filled with final, late game items.

The next items in this build are Boots and Nashor’s Tooth. Now, everyone would know that Nashor’s Tooth is the item with the highest cooldown reduction in the game, right? Right? Build nicely into Nashor’s Tooth, but don’t forget nice movement speed with basic boots.

The next items in this build are Phage, upgrading into Frozen Heart, and CDR boots. Now why CDR boots? Now, it may sound a little over-the-top, but Nashor’s Tooth + CDR boots fills up the 40% cooldown reduction cap easily, actually with excesses. (If you know any other combination that fills this, please let me know. Note that I do have 6% cooldown reduction coming from runes.) Frozen Heart goes well with your Sprint, and your enemies won’t be getting too far before dying into a poison bath.

Okay, now that we have, 1, 2, 3, 4 items in, what’s the fifth? I did mention that this is also an AP build, so the fifth item is, well, Deathcap. No other item comes close when it comes to AP. And no, I’m not a fan of Mejai’s.

The sixth item is purely situational. Up to you. Don’t know what to build? Aren’t you a pro? Why are you even reading this? Bah, okay, here are some suggestions. If you’re dying too much easily because your enemy team has too many overpowered attackers, a Guardian Angel would have to save your team. It’ll grant your team extra blinds. If the enemy team has an overpowered tank, don’t hesitate to go on the Razors route. If the enemy team has an overpowered mage, Hexdrinker, Sash or that magic resist wand should be able to shield your a**. You may ditch your Blade to invest in two of these in very late game. No, don’t take Infinity Edge. That item’s not for Teemo.

For masteries, I currently have 23+-0-something for Teemo. Take note of the cooldown reduction, attack speed, life steal, and AP increasing masteries in offense. For utility, I don’t know if the ward masteries have any effect on Teemo, but, I do take them.

For summoner spells, I always take Ignite and… the one that raises your attack speed (which stacks well with Phage). There might be better combinations, but here are some redundancies. Ghost: You already have your second skill, why would you need this? Flash: Okay, but maybe too OP for Teemo. I think good Camouflaging skills are enough for escaping ganks. A good summoner spell I use with Teemo before is Teleport. If you have many Traps on the floor, you’re basically Furion here. You can use this and push while everyone else is busy clashing. Or chase unsuspecting escaping enemies.

Runes. I don’t really have specialized runes for Teemo right now. That may be the reason why I’m having a bad time. But I’ll eventually get into it.

So yeah, that’s basically my Teemo build. Let me know in the comments if it sucks or anything.

Edit: So I was bored and you were probably pondering on the nonsense of this post. Which is why I conjured up this map thingy that shows my favorite places to hide traps.

Edit: Okay so I realized that what I have mentioned here is for Teemo sid lanes and not mid. Teemo actually sucks mid-lane if he’s against a large range hero, since Teemo is just middle range. But if you happen to play Teemo mid, the first traps you would have to place would be the near jungle entry bushes on both directions. Next would be either the river entrances or, defensively, exits on both sides just past the third tower. Be sure the enemy doesn’t see you plant these, for surprise. You have you make a turn and enter from the river, for example, if you are planting a trap at the river entrance.