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2014 in review

Sorry, guys. This was the point of Project 2014&emdash;to boost my post count, albeit unnecessarily.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.



December 28, 2014

It’s good that I see other Twitter users favorite my retweets. It’s as if my Twitter account is one tier higher.

June 18, 2014

At work, I might have focused more on node.js hackery than the actual work. But when I do hack, oh, man alive! Yeah, I like that Wheatley quote. I was able to make XMLRPC calls work… in a short time… and integrate it with Grunt. (Well not really, it’s just a function… but still I got to call it from Grunt which has a good feel in it.)

I seem to be unable to put down Watch Dogs. I played it for a few hours.

I watch Fate, South Park and YT. I apparently finished season 9 of SP.

The plan with my lyrics

The plan is that I will post new lyrics only on the new site. I’ll keep existing ones archived here.

I also marked some old projects as abandoned, favoring my first (RaiNetJS) and second (kirolyrics) hobby projects.

Sadly, I don’t have time nor the motivation to put furigana on everything, so some will still have the romaji.


It’s only a few years’ time since I started subscribing to YouTube channels in order to follow their uploads. But as I watched and watched I noticed some of them know each other and have contact with each other! A majority of them go to major YouTube events such as VidCon. I do wish I’ll be able to attend VidCon in the future!

Here is a list of some YouTubers that I either know or subscribed to (and know).

Dane Boedigheimer (show: realannoyingorange, primary: daneboe, secondary: Gagfilms, gaming: superboebros)

One of the first channels I subscribed to. The Annoying Orange might be the firsh show to ever spawn a television series! Isn’t that awesome? I don’t think I need to tell what The Annoying Orange is, Wikipedia has a whole page on it. Sadly, I’m now unsubscribed to it because its jokes ceased to be funny.

Luke Boedigheimer (primary: lukeboedi, gaming: SuperBoeBros)

Dane’s brother. I watched some of Dane’s and Boe’s gaming playthroughs. They’re really fun.


Put anything on a blender and it degrades into non-breathable smoke. Not everything’s funny though. And it’s a bad case of the TV trope running gag.

Felix (PewDiePie)

I became part of the Bro Army a few years back. I mostly view his game playthroughs and get a laugh whenever he fails at something. It’s really fun to watch him get frustrated.

Jack Douglass (primary: jacksfilms)

I don’t think I need to say this by now, but I’m now part of the BICHes. This video really touched me though. In his early life he’s every bit like me; loving science and math and all that shit. But he diverged later on to become a YouTuber. Fun stuff for thought.


I’m not really subscribed to him, but I think he’s a really fun YouTuber.

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (primary: Smosh, secondary: IanH, AnthonyPadilla)

Okay. Smosh. Some of their videos are extremely funny but some are just downright corny. It’s just sad that I won’t be able to view (at least legally) the video that made them famous. Their anime references are what make me laugh the most.

Simon Pierro (iOSmagic)

A really awesome iPad magician. I think he’s French… or something?

Derek Muller (primary: 1veritasium, secondary: 2veritasium)

Okay. Veritasium. An awesome science channel that changes the way you think about things. Has really good videos on physics. His main format is asking people a physics question that they think they will get right, only to find out that something will happen otherwise!

Henry Reich (minutephysics, minuteearth, reichhen, Spanish: minutodefisica)

Can I just put the word ‘awesome’ on every description? Awesome physics channel on whiteboard. MinuteEarth spawned just last year, I think? It’s more about everyday phenomena that doesn’t fit in the physics umbrella.

CGP Grey (CGPGrey)

Awesome explanations of things using stick figures and (what I like on this channel) memes.


An odd mathematician. Will change your views about math. I think she now works at Khan Acad.? I don’t know.

Michael Stevens (VSauce)

A question that makes you want to click on the video. Ends up being really inspiring. It’s great.

Hank Green (primary: vlogbrothers; CrashCourse, SciShow)

Really awesome person with a voice that’s really alive and entertaining. This might be odd but between the vlogbrothers, I knew about Hank first by viewing CrashCourse videos. I didn’t even know who John Green is! Anyway, really awesome videos that you can just play up if you’re having an exam tomorrow. And awesome graphics by Thought Café (thoughtbubbler) that I can’t get enough of! I really loved the chemistry series. I wish they’d do physics soon. Oops, I scrolled up because I forgot to describe SciShow. Awesome news channel too.

John Green (primary: vlogbrothers; CrashCourse, MentalFloss)

I like viewing some of his vlogs. I also see him in his salon. What? He’s an author of a bestseller? Really? He’s famous? Movie coming out this June? I haven’t read a bit of TFIOS though. But I watched its trailer and I almost shed a tear. ALMOST.

Brady Haran (……)

A hardcore YouTuber. He maintains a lot of channels! Should I enumerate the ones I’m most interested in? Yes? Beware: his format is an interview format, I found myself sleeping on some of his videos. 😦


Awesome number theory and general math channel. Even if you’re not a math lover, you’ll learn to be one just by viewing this channel. Seriously. And being a math lover, I so love this channel.

Sixty Symbols

Physics channel. It’s really awesome having professors explain physics concepts to laymen (like us—like me? :O ).

Periodic Videos (periodicvideos)

You may have memorized the whole periodic table but have you actually seen these elements? This is the channel where I first saw plutonium. They also do videos on select weird chemical reactions, and it only gets more awesome when you give them a high-speed video camera.

Professor Poliakoff (interviewee: periodicvideos)

It’s really fun seeing the professor do some experiments on the channel. You gotta love the professor!


Not filmed by Brady but still good. Especially their videos on 3D graphics gave me some additional insight on how it works. I’ve only seen it in code when I was working with XNA!

Dr. James Grime (primary: singingbanana, interviewee: Numberphile)

Really has a nice voice, and it only gets more awesome when mixed with his preachings of math.

Rob, Kris, Dave and Matt (ExplosmEntertainment)

Four Flash animators who got together and became famous for their comic Cyanide & Happiness, which, as the title suggests, starts light and happy and ends up being brutally… brutal. Or weird. After negotiating with TV networks, they finally decided to just make their TV series free, backed by a Kickstarter. Their series is ongoing, check it out!


Sadly, I only watch them for the Skyrim. I don’t know much about them. Sorry.


If you ever rode a train where everybody’s only in their underwear, you might be one of their victims. At the back of my right ear I think their 2014 ride vid even made our local news! Which is really insane!


I only watch for the React videos. Hehehe. Really funny and if you want to gain some insight about a topic without being weird to your housemates, go here.

Dr. Lindsey Doe (sexplanations)

Penises and vaginas. Connected with the vlogbrothers.


I don’t know why I’m subscribed here. But I have to subscribe to one tech channel or two.

Brian Brushwood (show: scamschool, primary: shwooddotcom)

Does a really awesome show with various magic tricks and then explains them. Then he asks his guests to perform the trick. It’s fun watching the guests perform the trick! Fun fact: He has connections with Dr. James Grime!

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown (AsapSCIENCE)

Does whiteboard explanations like Henry, but on a broader umbrella covering science in general. I don’t know but I picked up somewhere allegedly saying they’re gay, but to be honest I don’t really care. Stay awesome, guys.

Laura Shigihara (supershigi)

If you don’t know who the composer of the original Plants vs. Zombies game is, you are really in big trouble with me. Hell, I even listened to the Japanese version she did with her dad before!

Destin (primary: SmarterEveryDay, secondary: FunnerEveryDay)

A simple person who seeks for the truth. His videos exploring nature range from rotational momentum to butterflies to sharks. (I’m sorry, I’m so bad at this.) Anyway, his videos are awesome.

Justine Ezarik (ijustine)

I first knew about her as someone who guests in The Annoying Orange. Apparently, she’s so popular she has her own Wikipedia page. I don’t really know much about her besides that, I’ve only seen her there and as a guest in TheFineBros.

Why I hate Facebook Pages making albums a voting contest

Recently a Facebook friend of mine sent me a message to like a photo in a Facebook page. Or at least that’s what I made out of it judging from the URL. Without looking at it, I coldly replied “No.”—hopefully that will get them to stop doing that.

But why do I hate that activity so much?

  • First of all, for my Facebook friends: Would you send me a message even if I’m offline? Most probably no, right? Most people are not open to send messages to an offline Facebook user for fear that their message will be lost in Narnia or something. But they won’t, really. What some users fear subconsciously is people’s inactivity—I don’t really know this person and they’re not online, so afraid, much fear.
  • Are you friends with me just so you could send that message? If so, you should be very ashamed. And if you tell me so, I would have to say goodbye.
  • Will I benefit if I ever like that photo? Is there mutual benefit? Most contests like this are very much like popularity contests, this is very similar to giving SMS votes to Big Brother. In this case, you give your favorite contestant a vote, while you get something in return, for instance, a ringtone or something. But Facebook likes are free, and that’s the thing: you won’t get anything in return. If ever the photo you “voted” for won money, a car, or a house and lot, you won’t have anything at all.
  • Previous incarnations of the Facebook guidelines prohibited such activity. The reason might be that you should really do that kind of activity in your own website, on your own terms. Currently, the Facebook Pages Terms somewhat allows this activity, but it should be clear that Facebook itself is out of the picture. Most don’t do this. Frankly, you shouldn’t be that poor of a sorry business to not have your own website.
  • What if I just happened to like the photo, like it’s funny or something? It would be counted as a vote even though I didn’t intend to vote. No fair.

Bonus video: The Problem with Facebook

Kizuna Daro, and blog changes

So I have been recently translating songs from the album Kizuna Daro from Fairy Tail, if you’re curious they’re just here: Fairy Tail. I do so because all the theme songs are taken and these are the ones that are . 😀 Hey, it’s just awesome translating Fairy Tail songs.

Apart from that, I also renamed my blog. And I’ll probably do so every now and then I have a new favorite anime, if that doesn’t bother you.

Also, I changed the theme to the 3.5 default, Twenty Twelve. Hey, who said default themes suck? Twenty Twelve is actually nice. 😀