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Endorsement! Endorsement! I translated CLICK by ClariS!

It’s awesome! I did many revisions, carefully following the intricacies of the grammar (especially in the last stanza, which is the chorus but with changed and swapped out lyrics) while adding flow to make it more English*.

When I finished translating the lyrics, the first thing that came to my mind was, hey wait, where’s the “click” word? I thought I just had to put it in there, for more awesome. That’s when it hit me, and others would relate to me as well… remember the opening sequence in Nisekoi? The puzzle in the chorus might be the key and lock pair there, and when you insert a key to a lock to open it, click, there’s the sound. Probably. We’ll never know, it can be anything. It might be a song for an online dating site, it’s that vague.

I also added some CSS letter spacing like in the lyrics book. I tried to add white-space: pre to solve my romaji problems but that didn’t end well.

*I did leave out the flow here: 「深く深く眠る/声をすくいあげよう」—I don’t know who the heck’s sleeping, the first person or the second person, so I just left it out. I actually like when they do that though, it’s like an eternal mystery thing, without compromising the language. It’s like reading some Old English text or something.


Some more lyrics

I don’t like endorsing the pages I create here very often because it adds some clutter to my main post stream. Okay, but this time is an exception. I have recently added to my lyrics collection a couple of songs. One is Shifting by Hemenway. This song captured my heart even if it’s not an anime song. Even if I didn’t know what it meant. But I’ve translated that now so there. Another is Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon, released last tenth, which is my favorite song right now, as well as about millions of people in Japan and around the world[citation needed]. I formatted it along with the format of the booklet, with some yummy HTML, ah-uhmm… so enjoy.