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When was the last time you called my name?

When was the last time you called my name?

by 9updash

Hi, everyone! This is my first fanfic. Well… less of a fanfic and more of a… just read it and you’ll see! By the way, if you like it make sure to rate it and leave me a review below. Thanks!

< Hey.
> [silence]
< Hey.
> [silence]
< Oi!
> You know, that’s actually rude. When was the last time you called my name?
< Well, I… don’t remember.
> See?
< But I do remember when you last called my name, earlier to tutor you with math.
> And now you’re in my room just reading manga. What the hell, Shougo?
< It’s because you’re not done with the first page yet and I’ve already taught you all you need to know to do it!
> Yeah, that’s true, but… Arrggh! Why does it have to be this hard?
> I wonder, why are we still friends?
< Yeah, I wonder that too.
< …
< Okay. How about this. Show me your dick.
> What!?
< That’s cool, right? If I’m really an important friend for you, showing me your dick is nothing.
> I guess so… but… Awww… it’s embarrassing.
< What’s there to embarrass about? It’s as if I’ve not seen it in the bath before.
> Well… okay.
> Here.
< Cute.
> What!?
< It’s cute, now that I see it up close.
> No! What do you mean by cute?
< It’s cute and… small.
> Small!? Sensitivity alert, you’re hurting your friend here.
< Okay, sorry, sorry, it’s just cute, not small.
> Are you done?
< Hmmm… can I touch it?
> What?
> Uhh…
> And you touch it anyway even if I haven’t given my okay yet.
< We’re friends, right?
> Riiight.
< So… how often do you do it?
> Do what?
< Y’know… playing with this?
> Uhh… daily… I guess…
< Oh…
> Shougo… Let me see yours too.
< Huh?
> We’re friends, right? It’s no big deal, right?
< Oh. Okay. Sit here.
< Here.
> Woah. It’s big!
> Can I touch it?
< Uh. Whatever.
> It’s long and… Uh… aren’t you done with my dick yet?
< Well, it’s just… Do you mind if I play with it?
> Uh. Yeah but you’re already doing so for a while now…
< I mean. Do you want me to put it in my mouth?
> Say what!?
< I’m asking if you want to cum on my mouth.
> What!? No! That’s gross!
< And your dick wants it anyway. See? It’s hard now.
> …
< It can get big huh. But still it’s cute.
> What are you doing? Shougo, don’t…
> Ahh!!
> It’s cold!
< Awesome, right? It’s your first time having this, right?
> Well… yeah.
> Uhh!!
> Your tongue! Don’t… Ahhh!
< How does it feel? Being pleasured by a good friend?
> It feels… Really good… Ahhhh!
< Really? How about this?
> No! Shougo, not my nipples…
< Woah. You have cute and tiny nipples, huh. Let me see.
> Wait a sec… Uhhh… Ahhh!
< What?
> I’m cumming, Shougo!
< Uhuh.
> In your mouth?
< And now you’re asking that. Let’s speed it up.
> Ahh. Ahhhhh.
< Mpphhhf…
> Did you… swallow it?
< No…
> What do you mean?
< No, I didn’t just swallow it. I tasted it.
> What!? Dude, gross. What does it taste like?
< You just contradicted yourself.
> Well, I just want to know…
< Y’know, if you really want to know what semen tastes like, you can just have payback.
> What payback?
< Here. Do me.
< What? You don’t wanna exact revenge on a friend who just made you cum in his mouth?
> Well, okay but… I don’t know how.
< I didn’t know how either! It’s just… the feeling of wanting to make your friend feel good, that’s all.
> It’s the first time you did that to another person, huh.
< And?
> Okay, okay.
> Shougo’s dick is really big huh… I don’t know if I can–
< If can fit 18 omelettes with 18 grams of sugar in them there, of course you can.
> Shougo!
< Okay, okay. I’ll stop.
> Wow… it’s cute when it moved when you were grinning… It’s like another living thing…
< What.
> Make it move!
< Uh… okay? Like this?
> Wow! It’s so cute! It’s so… mfff mfff mfppph
> What the fuck dude?
< Hurry up and blow it.
> Okay. Okay. Seriously.
> So, how is it?
< Look, I’m not really vocal when I play with it, so this might be a little boring for… Uhh… What are you doing?
> What you were doing.
< I’m sensitive there too, so I’ll sometimes… Uhhh…
> Woah. It got very hard!
< Well, duh. Just get on with it.
> Right.
< …
< I’m cumming.
> What!?
< What, you deaf now?
< Uhhhh…
< What?
> It shot to the roof of my mouth!
< Well yeah, it’s a semi-automatic anyway.
> Did you just compare your dick with a gun?
< Haha. Sorry.
> *kiss*
< What’d you do that for?
> I don’t know… just… thought I’d give you one.
< You should really save your kisses for Fujimiya.
> What!? We’re just friends.
< No, we’re just friends.
> Right.
> *sigh* That drained the energy out of me.
< Oi, don’t say that. We’re not done with your test preparation yet.
> Oh, yeah, that. But my best friend will help me, right Shougo?
< Yeah… whatever.
< Yuuki.


Yuuki Hase

What the heck, Kujou? Did you just write a fanfiction about me and Shougo?

Shougo Kiryuu

Dont. Ever. Talk to me in class.

Saki Yamagishi

Hase-kun! How DARE you steal my hasbando?

Kaori Fujimiya

Copying this to my diary nau


I dreamed about Cry

For some reason I was playing through some kind of horror game, you throw flares and stuff. But I was personally there. And I was somewhat with Pewdie. I don’t remember how. Then Cry did the same thing, I followed him around the house. Then he boarded a bus through a middle door, they shut me though. But Cry waited for me on the front door. I sat beside him. He was really nice. I tried to take a photo of us two. I thought he really looks like his online 😐 face. I asked some girl to take a photo of us but she just drew on it. How, I don’t know. One of us asks why only now they play the game, the other answers because they got tired of current games. The bus stopped on somewhere, a bit further from here, but at the same time only exists in my dreams. I take out my cos, a complete set. I put them all back in the bag with the top outside the plastic.

Cry, if you’re reading things, I’m sorry about the things I did on the bus. I might be a bit attracted to you.

You’ve never really followed me…

Unless you follow me in all the social networking sites I use. Truth is, I’m really divided as to where to post things. Google+ has really improved over time and I somehow want to advocate its usage… but well, it’s all in the back of my mind. But maybe it will… it will get popular. And I will already have awesome posts there.

I post things on x… when it’s about/if it’s…

* Friends – something to brag to my friends. Ha!
* Public – a life achievement or a public statement or alignment to something
* Custom – piracy and drug-related things? Arrrrr… Nope, I don’t really do this too much.

Twitter: A short, semi-anonymous post where I don’t have much to worry about or replying to something on Twitter (which I do rarely) but mostly I just watch people flood here. Seeing Twitter heats up my head. Or something I’m not ready to share on Facebook.

Google+: Something I want to share just so to advocate Google+’s usage. What. Or something I’m not ready to share on Facebook.

My awesome blog: I have shared more personal things here really with Project 365. LOL. Things I don’t want my friends to worry about. Things I don’t want my friends to find out. LOL.

When both hands of the clock strike eight

In Hayate no Gotoku: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, which just ended by the way, the black camellia is a magical item that brings misfortune, but, when both of the hands strike eight, brings a ton of fortune.

But how many times does the hands of a clock point to the same direction?

I actually have already pondered on this idea; and you can actually count the number of times the hands do this: it’s eleven: one for each hour, except eleven where the arc swept by the minute hand coalesce into a full hour, yielding 0:00 – or 12:00.

But what are these precise times?

Suppose we would consider the one just after 1:00. With the minute hand on the 0th degree (at 12) it must catch up to the hour hand which is pointing at 1. But, by the time the minute hand catches up and points to 1, the hour hand must have moved a little, so the minute hand must catch up again. And so on. But, let’s be educated guys here; we’ll not actually go into this paradox, we’ll solve this using good old mathematics.

Let’s actually use degrees here for measurement as 12 (number of hours) and 60 (number of minutes) are both dividends of 360. First off, the number of degrees swiped by the hour hand per hour should be: 360 / 12 = 30. Next, the number of degrees swiped by the minute hand per minute should be: 360 / 60 = 6.

Now, we can represent what we are looking for as:

z = (x + y / 60) / 30
z = y / 6, where z = degrees swiped, x = hour component, y = minute component

But wait! We don’t solve these two equations, as we would end up with just x and y, when we are actually solving for z! The solution would be to use a single variable to represent the exact time itself. There are 12 * 60, or 720 minutes in a 12-hour period. 0 will stand for the first minute, at 12:00. 60 will stand for the sixtieth minute, at 1:00, and so on. 720 is not actually included, as we are only concerned for all times greater than or equal to 0 and less than 720.

Now, we can represent what we are looking for as:

For the hour hand:
z [degrees] = 30 [degrees per hour] ( t [total minutes] / 60 [minutes per hour] )

For the minute hand:

z [degrees] = 6 [degrees per minute] (t [total minutes] mod 60) [minutes component]

Or simply:

z = ½t
z = 6(t mod 60)

Plugging these equations into Wolfram|Alpha gives me nice solutions – and they are the answers, they are of the form:

{t | t = 720k/11 and k is a whole number}

The 720 and 11 there makes sense, right? But let’s take a look at what happened here:

z = ½t simply represents the relationship of the current time to the number of degrees. Let’s take a closer look:

0 degrees t = 0 12:00, pretty straightforward.
15 degrees t = 30 12:30
30 degrees t = 60 1:00

So the half direct (linear) relationship makes sense. But what about the other one?

As we try to visualize this, I can tell you it’s also a linear relationship, although a weird one: it “falls” off at 360, with z constrained to [0, 360). This all actually makes sense if you take apart your clock, breaking it at just before 12:00 and flattening it. Here’s a graph containing all of the 11 solutions (I swapped z for y and t for x). Note that if you’ll check another range there are only exactly 11 solutions for this system of equations. This is because when x = 0, the point of the first equation does reach y = 360, but at that point the second equation “falls” down to y = 0, thus a point satisfying both equations does not exist there. And y being constrained to [0, 360) actually makes sense because we only have 360 degrees.

The full set of equations defining our solution set should now be:

z = ½t
z = 6(t mod 60)
y ≥ 0
y < 360
x ≥ 0
x < 720

Now, let’s take a look at the solutions:

t = 720(0) / 11 = 0 0:00
t = 720(1) / 11 = 65 + 5/11 1:05:27.2727…
t = 720(2) / 11 = 130 + 10/11 2:10:54.5454…
t = 720(3) / 11 = 196 + 4/11 3:16:21.8181…
t = 720(4) / 11 = 261 + 9/11 4:21:49.0909…
t = 720(5) / 11 = 327 + 3/11 5:27:16.3636…
t = 720(6) / 11 = 392 + 8/11 6:32:43.6363…
t = 720(7) / 11 = 458 + 2/11 7:38:10.9090…
t = 720(8) / 11 = 523 + 7/11 8:43:38.1818…
t = 720(9) / 11 = 589 + 1/11 9:49:05.4545…
t = 720(10) / 11 = 654 + 6/11 10:54:32.7272…

PSITE Chronicles

This is a series of outtakes / quotes / whatnot that took place in the 25th of January, 2011, mainly featuring those that took place in the regional Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators competitions on De La Salle University Lipa, the exact and maybe finalized text of which are shown below. Not to be taken in all exactness, and not in any order.
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Teacher-Student Antics

I’d like to share some teacher-student jokes I received from e-mail. I don’t know who to credit, but, hey, here they are!

Teacher: Maria, go to the map and find North America.
Maria: Here it is.
Teacher: Correct. Now class, who discovered America?
Class: Maria.

Teacher: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?
John: You told me to do it without using tables.

Teacher: Winnie, name one important thing we have today that we didn’t have ten years ago..
Winnie: Me!
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