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I love cycling

I just got home from a cycling session where my left foot got stabbed by my bike’s handlebars.

But I love cycling. I love the feel of the wind blowing against my face and my body. Also love the little gusts of wind. I like looking up at the unmoving stars above, it makes me forget about things.

It’s like, a sport where there’s like a fan blowing into your face. Since I was a child, I have had lung problems. But I don’t care. I don’t care if I’m not in my best health. Because no one does.


If you love cycling too, check out my favorite cycling anime, 「弱虫ペダル」. I have the relevant lyrics to the theme songs.


How to: Open sandwich spreads—for the weak-willed

One of the toughest things to open in the world would be sandwich spreads.[citation needed] Some of them will have been vacuum-sealed, which is a good security measure but leaves the user without access to the contents.


Get a spoon. Check to see if the cover has any spokes in it. If there is, form a wedge there with your spoon, as if ‘scooping’ up the spoke. Then slowly and firmly apply force to the wedge. Just wait until the vacuum seal breaks and air rushes inside. With the vacuum seal broken, it would be a piece of cake to open it.

What if the bottle doesn’t have spokes?

Good luck.

I dreamed about C__ again

Apparently we’re in some sort of game where I knew he would be at the end of the street… I know this is hard to explain because it’s a dream.

Okay, so, very elaborate plan to get to him: go to the back alleys to bypass security. And there he was. Not knowing what to say, I faced my sibling to him. My sibling said they’re a huge fan of V___ _____ (apparently I mixed up V and P__) so there we were in his room. Not missing the op, I immediately request for a photo. Yeah, we just used his camera and set it to five secs.

Also, V barges in and I say “hey V” but he’s all like, nothing.

And I sort of woke up.

Losing things

I have lost things. A lot. Some of them are really valuable. And I have learned my lesson. Now I’ll be sharing how not to lose things.

Remember your bags.
Count your bags. Every now and then, make sure you have all of your bags. Of course this doesn’t only apply to bags, but also to all articles you carry, for example, an umbrella or a guitar case. Before leaving public transportation, check.

Remember attached articles.
Get a feel of articles that you don’t carry but are attached to your body in some way. My iPod used to hang on my neck. (Well that was before.) So I have good intuition whether it’s banging on my solar plexus or not. I also have a good feel of my cellphone (which hangs on my pants) and my wallet (which is on my right pocket). For these locations, one who always have them (like me) will have good intuition of their presence. One indicator is weight (as in the cellphone), and another is being uncomfortable (as in the wallet). If you don’t usually keep your things in this manner, make sure to remember all such articles and feel for them every now and then.

Have a list of items to bring before leaving.
If you go everyday to school or work and have a few things that you have to have in there (such as, oh I don’t know, your ID?), it’s advisable to keep a list of them. Paste it by the door. It could even be a mental list, if you are strong-willed.

Always put your cellphones and wallets on a leash.
Buy a wallet that has a chain on it and always attach it to your pants. As for cellphones, I understand many people prefer their mobiles without attachments to their bodies. Just watch for it and keep it in a safe place. If available, install an anti-theft application (#useAvast? Hahaha, hey pay me for this!) for it in case it gets stolen. Don’t keep your cellphone in pockets with a big angle! Cellphones like to sneak out from pockets like that, especially when you’re sitting down.

Always stash away attached items you don’t use anymore in your bag.
Losing a jacket is traumatic.

Regex to eliminate double newlines

The regex is: (\s*\n)+.
The replacement is: \n.

I’m just posting this for my own reference, but why the post? Here’s the backstory: In my work I frequently encounter files supposedly uploaded by my workmates that contain redundant / double newlines. And it obviously hurts my eyes. Just my hunch, but it seems NppFtp (a Notepad++ built-in plugin) likes to connect to servers with ASCII mode and convert Windows newlines (\r\n) to nix newlines – but in this manner: \r -> \n. And this results to redundant nix newlines: \n\n.

And it’s frustrating.

This regex doesn’t just convert double newlines into a single newline, but multiple newlines. Maybe if you use something like (\s*\n){2} (this is specifically for double newlines) you can control how many multiples of newlines to convert into a single newline.

August 15, 2013 update: It turns out this is not perfect regex syntax. The right way to get rid of double newlines is (\n{2}).

A short break from work

It’s another break from work, and I waded through the striking summer heat without an umbrella in order to eat. My lips’ nerves are reacting painfully from the high temperature. But as I got my order and sat down, I felt the heat stored in my seat transfer to my body. Yes, solid objects suffer most from the heat. As I made my way back to my workplace, it made no difference, I thought, to the coldness the air conditioning unit behind me spews every few moments. Both are painful.


“Being normal” depends on every person, and is therefore non-existent.


Looking back at my previous post, I now greatly feel the effect of finishing my thesis. My body clock quickly reverted to its eccentric nocturnal schedule. But have I really recovered? I constantly have the thirst to do something. I just have to. Anything would do. Between this and my previous post I have completed a whole 25-episode anime series. But I wanna be productive.

I want to do

Lots of things. Man, this thesis is blocking me all up from all sides, physically and mentally. And now that we’re on the verge of completing it, I just can’t imagine all the rewards (that is, recovery) all waiting for me. I promised to get myself a one-day unlimited energy on Tetris Battle. I have yet to watch Nisemonogatari.

On another note, I, with my sis, downloaded Angry Birds Space on Android today. I played the first few levels and it was pretty cool. I have yet to see Ice Bird, though. But man, I can’t appreciate it over how small the screen was. I was squinting! Oh well…


There’s something new to learn everyday

Today I learned about SynchronizationContext. Every day is unique, this day did not happen before nor it will in the future. And in it there’s always something different – something to learn, something to share, something to observe and sense. And as this day is removed from the future and added to the past, there will always be change.

Now what am I contradicting, my previous post?!