Rai-Net Access Battlers (WS)

A fan-made version of Rai-Net Access Battlers for Windows Store. Can be played on a single computer or 2 computers via the local network or proximity features.

Additional features if I have the time: Over the internet using a dedicated server and over the local network, with one computer playing over HTTP using HTML. (:O)

Platform: Windows 8 Store app
Development status: Dropped
Release status: Suspended

Windows 8.1 upgrade path:
Minimum width: 500px – The board squares (and transitively, the whole board), as well as the server squares have a fixed size. Scaling these to a small size is no joke. As I have not supported snapped view yet, I currently do not plan on setting a minimum size of 320px upon upgrading. Maybe I’ll get to it–after the 8.1 release.


2 thoughts on “Rai-Net Access Battlers (WS)

    1. Kirō Post author

      I have dropped this project. Along the spirit of being cross-platform and open-source, I’m now working on something along the lines of this page which is written in Javascript for node.js. I’ll release the library if it becomes ready but I’m not sure if I’ll blog about it.

      Sorry about the Windows Store thing.


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